Supportive Accountability Leadership™

Inspire Employees and Improve Performance with Supportive Accountability Leadership

Sylvia Melena is the architect of the Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Model, a simple but powerful framework that helps leaders create a motivating work environment while promoting accountability and improving performance.

Praise for Supportive Accountability

Supportive Accountability is a book that is especially geared to people in all kinds of management positions that have employees working under them… Sylvia has provided actual real-life scenarios along with massive amounts of data to support the ideas and tips provided in this book. Obviously quite a lot of research has gone into this, and although the book is about a business-related subject, the mix-and-match style of writing makes this a fun and engaging read.” – Readers’ Favorite Review
“The book covers different leadership styles and delves deeply into supervisor-employee relationships… What makes it easy to understand and digest is the way it was written: lots of anecdotal stories (based on true experiences)… It’s a well-written, interesting guidebook to best practices in all aspects of supervision by a proven expert in the field.” – HUGEOrange Publication Review
Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance is coming out in June 2018!  More information coming soon.

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