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DISC is a powerful tool validated by decades of research and used by millions of leaders around the globe to elevate communication, improve teamwork, and have more productive performance conversations.

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Meet Your Trainer: Sylvia Melena

Sylvia Melena

Sylvia Melena is the Founder and CEO of Melena Consulting Group and the international award-winning leadership author of Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance. She is also a Certified DISC Trainer and an Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Instructional Designer™.

Sylvia has coached, developed, and trained hundreds of managers and supervisors in her in-person workshops and impacted thousands more through her work.  Her leadership philosophy has been featured by the Society of Human Resources Management HR Today, the Human Performance Association, Entrepreneur, LEADx, Fit Small Business, and other outlets.