Communication Workshop at the 2019 Adelante Promotores Conference

Sylvia Melena_2019 Promotores Adelante Conference Speaker
Date 2019-08-23
LocationSan Diego, California

The San Diego County Promotores Coaltion hosted the 2019 Adelante Promotores Conference on August 23, 2019 at San Diego’s beautiful Marina Village Conference Center.

The San Diego County Promotores Coalition is a group aimed to advance the work of Promotores to reach underserved populations and decrease health disparities.”  Its “mission is to advance, value, and recognize the work of Promotores and to support organizations that work with Promotores to increase access and services to residents of San Diego County.”

The 2019 conference focused “on the unification of Promotores and Community Health Workers (CHWs) in creating and maintaining healthy communities.”

I’m was so excited to deliver an action-packed workshop on “How to Achieve Success When Communication Styles Clash” at an event that celebrated the vital work that Promotores, Community Health Workers, and other community leaders do each and every day.

Watch the video clip.

Check out the conference’s webpage.


Sylvia Melena