Entrepreneur.com Article on Employee Retention

employee engagement
Date 2019-07-05

Employee Retention is Serious Business

And creating great workplaces is the best way to boost retention.

Read Tiffany Delmore’s article, “Want Employees to Stick Like Glue? Attract Them with Meaning,” in Entrepreneur.com.  My passion for creating great workplaces was highlighted in tip #3, “Snuff out Burnout.”

You may also be interested in my “7 Tips to Crush Employee Burnout and Power-up Results.”


Sylvia Melena


Tiffany Delmore

Tiffany Delmore is the co-founder of SchoolSafe.org, a company helping to develop safer educational environments. After having both consulted and worked for others she is now experiencing the entrepreneurial life by building a company that will make an impact.



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