Performance Management Nuts and Bolts Workshop

Date 2019-10-29

I had so much fun delivering a highly-interactive ½-day workshop for managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders of the Chula Vista Community Collaborative and its partner organizations.

Leveraging the power of Supportive Accountability Leadership™, this workshop equips leaders with the nuts and bolts of effective performance management. Participants walk away with interactive handouts and tools to help them shore up team member performance.

This course is based on my leadership book, Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance.


About the Chula Vista Community Collaborative

“The Chula Vista Community Collaborative (CVCC) works to ensure collaboration among partners and stakeholders in Chula Vista. CVCC draws together all sectors of the local community to develop coordinated strategies and systems that protect the health, safety, and wellness of residents.”


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Sylvia Melena