“Supportive Accountability” Recognized as a 2019 International Latino Book Awards Finalist

Date 2019-05-31
LocationCarlsbad, California

On May 31, 2019, Latino Literacy Now announced Supportive Accountability as a finalist for the 2019 International Latino Book Awards for Best Business Book.

The Awards Ceremony will be held September 21, 2019, at the Los Angeles City College in California. I’m happy to announce that Supportive Accountability will be awarded one of three medals in the Best Business Book category.

The Awards celebrate books in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Finalists are from across the US, Puerto Rico, and 18 other countries.

About a third of the winners were from major U.S. and international publishers, a third from medium-sized publishing houses, and a third from small publishing houses or independently published.

The Awards had 227 judges in 2019 to handle the large number of books. Judges included librarians, educators, media professionals, leaders of national organizations, Pulitzer Prize Winners, and elected officials. The judges shared how hard it was because there are now so many great books being published.

The Awards are produced by Latino Literacy Now, a nonprofit organization co-founded in 1997 by Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler.

The Awards are now by far the largest Latino cultural awards in the USA, and with the 257 finalists this year in 95 categories, it has now honored the greatness of 2,893 authors and publishers over the past two decades.

For more information about Latino Literacy Now and a complete list of all the finalists, please see the 2019 International Latino Book Awards press release.