“Supportive Accountability” Embraced by Best-in-Class Local Government Organization

Date 2019-09-17

It’s no secret that the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) has a longstanding commitment to operational excellence. From evidence-based leadership development initiatives to the achievement of numerous “best-in-class” awards, HHSA is known for raising the bar on performance.

So, it was no small honor when Barbara Jiménez, the visionary Director of HHSA’s Central & South Regions, selected Supportive Accountability to play a small part in her regions’ ongoing quest for operational excellence. When your labor of love contributes to the advancement of healthy, safe, and thriving San Diego communities, you know it’s making a difference.

Thank you, Barbara, HHSA, and the Central & South Regions’ Leadership Team for embracing my work as you continue to impact the lives of San Diego County residents!

Sylvia Melena