Create a high-performing work culture.

Measure Non-Financial KPIs

The Performance Gap Indicator (PGI) isn’t just a company culture assessment. It gathers anonymous individual employee responses, combines them, and analyzes the results across five Non-Financial Key Performance Indicators:

  • Culture
  • Operations
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Service

This analysis gives you a multifaceted and revealing look at your organization’s strengths and performance gaps.

The survey takes under 9 minutes to complete. Responses are compiled into one company-wide performance report.

Responses are further segmented by team, location, or department for comparative sub-reports and analysis.

Evaluate ROI

The PGI features two reports:

  • PGI Diagnostic – a comprehensive benchmark assessment to identify and measure company-wide performance gaps
  • PGI Pulse – the follow-up assessment to quantify performance improvement, confirm ROI, and implement regular interval reporting


Find Out More

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