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Inspire Employees and Improve Performance

Striking a delicate balance between supportive leadership and accountability is the key to ensuring employees are as effective and productive as possible.

Sylvia Melena is the architect of the Supportive Accountability Leadership ModelTM, a simple but powerful framework that helps leaders create an engaging work environment while promoting accountability and improving performance.

Supportive Accountability is perfect for new and emerging managers and supervisors and those seeking a refresher or struggling with employee performance.

Through a mix of stories, actionable tips, and tools, you’ll learn how to:

Supportive Accountability

Performance Documentation Toolkit

You’ll also receive a free copy of the Performance Documentation Toolkit to help you ease the burden of employee performance documentation.

If you want a highly complex book, this one is not for you.

Supportive Accountability is simple, practical, and actionable. It’s supported by decades of peer-reviewed international research but tested in the trenches of management. It’s written for new leaders and loved by seasoned executives who want to focus their leadership teams on achieving performance management excellence.

The book has sold thousands of copies in five continents and has been used to develop leaders in university and workplace settings.

Editorial Reviews

“Sylvia has provided actual real-life scenarios… Quite a lot of research has gone into this, and although the book is about a business-related subject, the mix and match style of writing makes this a fun and engaging read.” – Reader’s Favorite Review

“For someone new to a supervisory role, experienced and looking for a refresher, or a supervisor frustrated and losing passion for the job… It’s a well-written, interesting guidebook to best practices in all aspects of supervision by a proven expert in the field.” – HUGEOrange Publication Review

Book Awards

2019 International Latino Book  Awards – Honorable Mention Medal in Best Business Book Category

Award Winning Author Sylvia Melena

2019 International Latino Book  Awards - Honorable Mention Medal in Best Business Book Category

2019 San Diego Book Award for Best Business Book

Book Sell Sheet

Bookstores, libraries, and other retailers can purchase Supportive Accountability  through IngramThe book is discounted around the world and returnable in the United States.

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