Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Training

Build Your Team’s Leadership and Performance Management Muscles

Effective performance improvement requires an integrative approach that balances supportive leadership and accountability. Unfortunately, balancing these two critical elements is often a struggle.

That’s where Supportive Accountability Leadership™ comes in.

Engage Employees and Improve Performance

Supportive Accountability Leadership™ is a simple but powerful framework that equips your leaders to create an engaging work environment, promote accountability, and boost performance. At the core of the model is supportive accountability, a blend of supportive leadership and strong accountability that sparks employee performance.

"(Sylvia) is very truly passionate about performance management, which I think makes all the difference. Not just because it comes across and it makes you more inspired to learn, but because when someone’s passionate about something, they put in that extra effort."
Dane Crockford, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Incoming Manager, Family Health Centers of San Diego

In-Person Training Program

Through my proprietary Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Training Program, Melena Consulting Group can bring the model to your organization. This is a predesigned modular program that can be delivered in 2-day, 1-day and 1/2-day in-person training sessions. 

Facilitator-Led Online Training

Supportive Accountability Leadership Training is also available in two-hour online facilitator-led sessions. 

Program Tools

Whether in-person or online, Supportive Accountability Leadership Training provides the following for each participant: 

"I love the workshop that Sylvia has presented! I am very into HR and performance management… I definitely recommend the workshop for anyone that’s struggling to find resources for the problems that they see, and they want to make a change."
Blanca Romero
Census Regional Manager, NALEO Educational Fund

The Four Leadership Styles of Supportive Accountability™

The Model identifies four leadership styles based on the amount of support and accountability leaders demonstrate.

Seven Elements of Effective Performance Management

The Supportive Accountability Leadership Model is anchored in the seven elements of effective performance management — expectations, monitoring, feedback, support, recognition, accountability, and documentation. These elements engage employees, promote accountability, and boost performance. 

The Supervisor-Employee Relationship

The supervisor-employee relationship is the foundation of Supportive Accountability Leadership™. To inspire employees and achieve success, leaders must first and foremost build healthy and lasting working relationships with the people they lead. The Supportive Accountability Leadership shows them how.

"I love it! As a new supervisor coming into this role, I feel I’m absorbing as much as I can. It's definitely provided a different perspective for… when dealing with staff with different personalities."
Patricia Perez
Program Supervisor, San Ysidro Health

The Model Unveiled

After decades of helping leaders that struggled with performance management, I created the Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Model and unveiled it with the publication of my leadership book, Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance.

Interested in a Shorter Session?

Consider my speaking services. Download a copy of my speaker one sheet. 

Hi, I'm Sylvia Melena. I’m the Founder & CEO of Melena Consulting Group, a leadership and management training, consulting, and publishing company in sunny California. My passion is helping leaders create great workplaces, promote accountability, and boost performance.

I'm the international award-winning and best-selling author of Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance. I have a Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies and credentials as a Certified Trainer and an Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Instructional Designer.

My leadership philosophy has been featured in the Society of Human Resources Management HR Today, the Human Performance Association, Entrepreneur, LEADx, My Quest for the Best, and other outlets.

But most importantly, I have a profound love for people.
Sylvia Melena
Founder & CEO, Melena Consulting Group

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If you have a small leadership team. No problem. Quality training is not out of your reach. You and I can work together to craft the perfect package to meet your needs. – Sylvia Melena

I am excited to share the editorial reviews for my new business book, Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance. Through a mix of stories, actionable tips, and tools, the book teaches managers and supervisors how to master the art of supportive leadership, promote accountability, and improve performance. — Warm Regards, Sylvia Melena

Editorial Reviews

Although the book is about a business-related subject, the mix-and-match style of writing makes this a fun and engaging read.” – Readers’ Favorite Review

“It’s a well-written, interesting guidebook to best practices in all aspects of supervision by a proven expert in the field.” – HUGEOrange Publication Review

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook.


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