Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Training

Your leaders set the tone for your organization’s culture. Make sure it values people and delivers results.

Effective performance improvement requires an integrative approach that balances supportive leadership and accountability. Unfortunately, balancing these two critical elements is often a struggle.

That’s where Supportive Accountability Leadership™ comes in.

Who Is This Training For?

The program is geared towards new, emerging, and seasoned leaders who need to engage employees, promote accountability, and boost performance. Each session is tailored to the audience.

Engage Employees and Improve Performance

Some leaders are too harsh. Some are too lenient. Others are completely disengaged from employee performance management. 

Striking a delicate balance between supportive leadership and accountability is the key to ensuring employees are as effective and productive as possible.

Supportive Accountability Leadership™ is a simple but powerful framework that equips your leaders to create an engaging work environment, promote accountability, and boost performance. At the core of the model is supportive accountability, a blend of supportive leadership and strong accountability that sparks employee performance.

The Four Leadership Styles of Supportive Accountability™

The Model identifies four leadership styles based on the amount of support and accountability leaders demonstrate.

Seven Elements of Effective Performance Management

The Supportive Accountability Leadership Model is anchored in the seven elements of effective performance management — expectations, monitoring, feedback, support, recognition, accountability, and documentation. These elements engage employees, promote accountability, and boost performance. 

What Leaders Say About This Training

Dane Crockford, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Incoming Manager, Family Health Centers of San Diego

“(Sylvia) is very truly passionate about performance management, which I think makes all the difference. Not just because it comes across and it makes you more inspired to learn, but because when someone’s passionate about something, they put in that extra effort.”

Patricia Perez

Program Supervisor, San Ysidro Health

“I love it! As a new supervisor coming into this role, I feel I’m absorbing as much as I can. It’s definitely provided a different perspective for… when dealing with staff with different personalities.“

Blanca Romero

Census Regional Manager, NALEO Educational Fund

“I love the workshop that Sylvia has presented! I am very into HR and performance management… I definitely recommend the workshop for anyone that’s struggling to find resources for the problems that they see, and they want to make a change.”

What You'll Get

A Paperback Copy of "Supportive Accountability," the Book That...

Four Learning Modules

The program is designed in modular format, and each module is comprised of several lessons that delve deep into a specific topic. 

Training can be delivered in 2-hour sessions, 4-hour workshops, and complete training series spanning days or weeks.  It all depends on your needs, including your goals, number of trainees, topics, schedule, and more. 

My courses provide dynamic, hands-on facilitation that challenges participants to analyze, reflect, and take action. They include interactive handouts, job aids, and other tools to promote learning and ongoing application long after the training.

The Heart of Supportive Leadership

Module 1 gets participants excited about kicking off the program with a strong introduction to the Supportive Accountability Leadership Model. I help your team bring their own experiences to the table, while maintaining confidentiality and creating safe space for them to engage.

If you read my book, think of this module as “Heart and Art.”  It unveils The Heart of Supportive Accountability and The Art of Supportive Leadership as it relates to your leadership team. 

Performance Management Essentials

Module 2 builds a solid foundation for strong performance management. I cover the essential elements of effective performance management—expectations, monitoring, and feedback and how your team can apply them.

Leading Effective Performance Conversations

Performance conversations don’t have to be difficult or stressful. Module 3 covers the factors that make performance-conversations collaborative, engaging, and rewarding. Leaders also unpack the Seven Steps for Effective Performance Improvement Conversations. They examine how effective performance conversations establish trust, build relationships, and boost performance.

Next Level Performance Management

In Module 4, managers and supervisors gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and practice to take their performance management to the next level. Focusing on employee recognition, progressive discipline, and documentation. It’s not about “getting rid” of people. It’s about empowering people succeed.

Course Workbooks

The course comes complete with workbooks containing worksheets, checklists, and tools your leadership team can apply to engage, lead, and manage performance more effectively.

Who Am I To Teach This?

Hi, I’m Sylvia Melena. 

I’m the Founder and CEO of Melena Consulting Group and the international award-winning and best-selling leadership author of Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance. I’m also an Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Instructional Designer™.

With a Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies and 20 years experience in the trenches of management, I have coached, developed, and trained hundreds of managers and supervisors in person and have impacted thousands more through my work.

My leadership philosophy has been featured by the Society of Human Resources Management HR Today, the Human Performance Association, Entrepreneur, LEADx, Fit Small Business, and other outlets.

And I Still Work on My Leadership

You see, strong leadership is a work in progress. And it’s all in the approach. 

In my early career, I was frequently blunt and sometimes even rude. But I was fortunate to work with people who cared about me enough to give me honest feedback.

I particularly remember a brutally honest reaction from a co-worker like it was yesterday.

I don’t remember what I said to trigger him or how I said it, but I vividly recall the horror on his face and his shocking response to my affront: “Shoot from the hip, why don’t you! Next time, try using a little tact!”

I was stunned, momentarily speechless, and in disbelief. And I’m never speechless.

I didn’t know what he meant. So, I asked him to explain, and he did.

Thanks to his honest feedback and the support of others, I had an amazing 20-year leadership career in health and human services. I had the honor of directly managing workforces from about 80 to 300 employees and supporting performance for up to 1,400 in my senior leadership roles.

And most people enjoyed working with me and giving their best.

Yes, I said, “Most.”

The truth is, not everyone will enjoy working with you no matter how much you adapt your leadership communication. And that’s okay. Not everyone will like you. But that’s not your goal anyways.

Your goal is to be the best leader you can be, create a great workplace, promote accountability, and achieve measurable results. These are the things I intentionally worked on to elevate my leadership.

Because of my ongoing journey, I’m a firm believer in the power of positive feedback and supportive accountability to transform lives. But I also know it’s hard sometimes.

That’s why I’m excited to provide my proprietary Supportive Accountability Leadership Training. It will help the supervisors and managers on your team strengthen their approach. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Warmest regards,

Sylvia Melena

This course is available through online and in-person facilitator-led instruction.

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