Hello, and welecome to my “courses” page!

I was already working on launching an online business school, but it was a very slow process. Then the Coronavirus pandemic struck our world. And like many other people, I was impacted both personally and professionally.

My family has experienced job loss, the mixed emotions that come with staying at home, and the loss of friends to the virus. In spite of this, we’re so thankful that we still have each other.

Professionally, since I deliver my speaking and training in-person, that also took a hit. But I count it a blessing. What on the surface looked like a terrible thing ignited my motivation to get my training online.

I’m starting with an online course on having difficult conversations.

But I need to admit, I have so much content that I really need your help.

I want to deliver a course that really helps you and your team get exactly what you need quickly and without the fluff. – Sylvia Melena

So, I’m offering FREE access to the online course to everyone who completes a brief, 3-minute survey using the button below:

This offer is good until I delete this survey from the page.

Thanks for your feedback!


Sylvia Melena