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The Supportive Accountability Leadership™ training content is phenomenal! The leadership team thoroughly loved the session I delivered using the Facilitator’s Kit. They all said it was by far the best training they've received so far in our internal training program, and we had already delivered six months’ worth of great training content. The material strummed up some great conversations, and we had some major breakthrough and powerful moments as a team. I 100% recommend the Supportive Accountability Leadership™ Facilitator’s Kit!
Christie Johnson, Market Trainer
Aflac, Arizona Market Office, Arizona, U.S.
Sylvia, I cannot thank you enough for your passion and dedication to building strong leaders. Your book will be critical to the development of our emerging and aspiring leaders at the North Texas Food Bank. You’ve gone above and beyond in your support of our journey and we know the impact Supportive Accountability will have on our food bankers.
Suzanne Drotman, Chief People Officer
North Texas Food Bank, Texas, U.S.
(Sylvia) is very truly passionate about performance management, which I think makes all the difference. Not just because it comes across and it makes you more inspired to learn, but because when someone’s passionate about something, they put in that extra effort.
Dane Crockford, Ph.D., Incoming Manager
Family Health Centers of San Diego
I love it! As a new supervisor coming into this role, I feel I’m absorbing as much as I can. It’s definitely provided a different perspective for… when dealing with staff with different personalities.
Patricia Perez, Program Supervisor
San Ysidro Health
Sylvia Melena pays attention. That attention goes deeper than why you "think" you are asking for when coaching with her. I told her about what I felt was holding me back, and she replied with one simple sentence. That sentence was a miraculous course correction in my professional life... Her years of experience will save you time, energy, and money. She wants to see you successful and authentic in your craft or career and she doesn't hold back the flood of insight she has. She is a powerful mentor and I count myself blessed to have worked with her.
Tiffany Vakilian, President
San Diego Publishers and Editors Network
I love the workshop that Sylvia has presented! I am very into HR and performance management… I definitely recommend the workshop for anyone that’s struggling to find resources for the problems that they see, and they want to make a change.
Blanca Romero, Census Regional Manager
NALEO Educational Fund
Sylvia, you have really gone above and beyond; you've been a pleasure to work with. The Motivators Assessments you provided were a fascinating addition to our team building event, and provided the springboard for lively discussion. The team members enjoyed sharing about themselves, agreeing, and disagreeing with various results, discussing how generalizations apply and don't, and guessing each other's types. We were able to learn more about where each team member is coming from.
Jeanelle Fulgencio, RN, BSN, Director of Grant Programs
StallantHealth, California, U.S.
I would highly recommend Sylvia Melena. She is incredibly helpful and offers outstanding customer service. We bought several DISC and Motivators assessments from Melena Consulting Group and we always received timely information about the entire process; furthermore, Sylvia clarified and responded to all our queries and requests quickly and efficiently.
Aurora Manas, External Finance Consultant
Fiduciary Wealth Management Limited, Europe (London, England and Gibraltar)
I designed an internal leadership academy for our staff, and the leadership team refers to their DISC Leadership Report throughout the course. The report Sylvia Melena provides is great because it is comprehensive and includes a leadership aspect too. Everyone is loving it. I have integrated DISC into every session we do, so they are really living and breathing it.
Veja Johnston, Human Resources
Preens Apparelmaster and Linenmaster, New Zealand
Love the Supportive Accountability methodology... As a leadership expert working in the call center industry for more than 15 years, the methodology used by Sylvia Melena is very integrative and complete always focusing on how to boost performance.
Victor Martinelli, CEO
Escuela de Negocios LATAM (Latin American Business School)
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MA, Leadership & Organizational Studies

Founder & CEO, Melena Consulting Group

Sylvia Melena is an international award-winning and best-selling leadership author and human performance improvement consultant. She dedicated 26 years of her life to serving people through her work in local government and health and human services consulting. Her portfolio included the development and oversight of countywide programs across multiple functions. Sylvia specializes in reinvigorating workplaces and improving organizational performance.

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