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Optimize Team Collaboration and Results

Coaching a team can be difficult, especially when it has a mix of personality styles, backgrounds, and values. The DISC Team Dynamics Bundle is a game-changer. 


An HR Professional's Experience

"I designed an internal leadership academy for our staff, and the leadership team refers to their DISC Leadership Report throughout the course. The report Sylvia Melena provides is great because it is comprehensive and includes a leadership aspect too. Everyone is loving it. I have integrated DISC into every session we do, so they are really living and breathing it."
Veja Johnston, Human Resources
Preens Apparelmaster and Linenmaster, New Zealand

For Coaches, Consultants, and Facilitators

The DISC Team Dynamics Bundle helps internal and external coaches, consultants, and facilitators guide the team in examining how well it functions based on its unique combination of DISC styles. With your expert guidance, team members roll-up their sleeves and work together to bridge differences, build trust, and communicate effectively as a team.

What is DISC?

DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model that has been validated by decades of research. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors and measures the intensity of communication characteristics using scales of directness and openness for each of the four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious.

What's in the Bundle?


✔️DISC Leadership or DISC Self Assessments for all participants

✔️DISC Team Dynamics Report(s)

With our DISC Facilitator Bundle Calculator, you can build a custom bundle and get an instant estimate. You can mix and match assessments and add the optional team reports. Either way, you get the tools you need to deliver your own DISC sessions and you save!

DISC Team Dynamics Report

Most teams don’t struggle with collaboration, resilience, and results because of lack of knowledge or skills. It’s because they need the tools to recognize, value, and the tap into the strengths of the team while mitigating the challenges in a positive way.

The DISC Team Dynamics Report gives coaches, consultants, and facilitators the insights they need to tap into the potential of individuals to create high-collaboration and high-performance teams.

It equips team leaders and members to learn about each other and gain a deep appreciation for personality differences, teamwork, and collaboration. When everyone understands how to collaborate effectively, the team can make informed decisions, take timely action, and deliver results.

The DISC Team Dynamics Report includes:

✔️A highly detailed and visual step-by-step walk through

✔️Individualized insights for each team leader, team member, and the team as a whole

✔️Charts, graphs, tables for easy data visualization

✔️Detailed explanations on interpretation

✔️ Prompts, insights, and additional resources to help coaches, consultants, and facilitators guide the team in taking action

The report length depends on the number of participants. For example, with a 10-member team, the report yields about 14 pages.

Please Note: The DISC Team Wheel is included in the DISC Team Dynamics Report. 

DISC Leadership Assessment

The DISC Leadership Assessment is perfect for emerging, new, and experienced leaders. 

The robust report is a personalized tool that helps leaders adapt their communication approach based on their DISC styles and the styles of the people they work with. 

The report focuses on various core competencies to help them lead effectively, manage employee performance, and create a great working environment. Here are just a few examples:

  • Communication,
  • Personal development,
  • Motivation,
  • Delegation,
  • Recognition,
  • Counseling, and
  • Coaching.

DISC Self Assessment

The DISC Self Assessment is designed for the individual contributors but can be used by everyone on the team. It helps leaders and team members boost communication, teamwork, and results.

With this personalized and comprehensive report, DISC gives team members the tools to tap into their natural strengths while developing self-awareness and adapting effectively.

Because they learn to observe and hear behaviors, they can quickly and accurately “read” other people and use their knowledge to improve communication and foster strong working relationships.

Thoughts from a Consultant

"I would highly recommend Sylvia Melena. She is incredibly helpful and offers outstanding customer service. We bought several DISC and Motivators assessments from Melena Consulting Group and we always received timely information about the entire process; furthermore, Sylvia clarified and responded to all our queries and requests quickly and efficiently."
Aurora Manas, External Finance Consultant
Fiduciary Wealth Management Limited, Europe (London, England and Gibraltar)

Validated by Research

Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and validation. Whether your leaders are members of a large or small organization or business, the DISC model can help them create a great workplace, promote supportive accountability, and achieve results.

Certified by the Assessments Standards Institute

The DISC Assessment used by Melena Consulting Group is Certified by the Assessment Standards Institute (ASI).

ASI provides verifiably objective testing and reporting that meet the standards established by the American Psychological Association and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ASI’s battery of tests is both voluntary and transparent. For more information, please read page 2 of the sample reports above.




Deliver Your Own DISC Training

Words from Senior Management

"Sylvia, you have really gone above and beyond; you've been a pleasure to work with. The Motivators Assessments you provided were a fascinating addition to our team building event, and provided the springboard for lively discussion. The team members enjoyed sharing about themselves, agreeing, and disagreeing with various results, discussing how generalizations apply and don't, and guessing each other's types. We were able to learn more about where each team member is coming from."
Jeanelle Fulgencio, RN, BSN, Director of Grant Programs
StallantHealth, California, U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions & Important Information

How Can I Get an Estimate?

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Delivery of Your Invoice

Withing one business day of your request, you will receive an itemized invoice for all the DISC Assessments and Team Dynamics Reports included in your bundle. 

Delivery of Assessment Links to Assessment Takers

Within one business day of your payment clearing (funds are received), the Contact Person listed in your order will receive an e-mail containing the assessment link(s), codes, and instructions on how to distribute codes to assessment takers. 

The code system gives consultants and organizations the freedom and flexibility to issue, manage, and track code issuances. It also allows us to offer the special pricing for bundles. 

Business days are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. PST/PDT, excluding U.S. federal holidays.

Delivery of Individual Assessment Reports to Assessment Takers

Immediately upon completing the assessment, each assessment taker will receive a copy of their robust, personalized report via email.

Delivery of Individual Assessment Reports Copies to Contact Person

The Contact Person also receive copies of the reports for all assessment takers that have completed the assessment. If the Contact Person has not received a report, it means the assessment taker has not yet completed it and follow up directly with the assessment taker may be needed. 

Delivery of the Team Report to Contact Person

When all assessment takers have completed the report, the Contact Person notifies Melena Consulting Group via email. The team report is emailed to the Contact Person within 1 (one) business day of notice. 

Management of the Process

Once the codes have been delivered to your organization, the Contact Person or another person within your organization can work with your team members to track assessment completion. 

Technical Assistance

If the assessment takers need technical assistance in accessing their assessment or reports, they are welcome to e-mail CustomerCare@melenaconsulting.com directly. We’re also happy to work with your company’s designated person. We’re happy to assist in the way that works best for you. 

No Refunds, Returns, or Exchanges

Melena Consulting Group has a policy of no refunds, returns or exchanges for all assessments. Also, assessment codes expire within one calendar year of issuance. 

Assessment Pricing Does Not Include Training

The prices listed only include the online assessment and report. They do not include training or consulting services. 

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Who's Offering These Bundles?

Hi, I’m Sylvia Melena.


I’m the Founder and Principal of Melena Consulting Group and the international award-winning and best-selling leadership author of Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve PerformanceI’m also a Certified DISC Trainer and an Association for Talent Development (ATD) Master Instructional Designer™.


With a Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies and 20 years’ experience in the trenches of management, I have directly coached, developed, and trained hundreds of managers and supervisors in person and have impacted thousands more through my work.

My leadership philosophy has been featured by the Society of Human Resources Management HR Today, the Human Performance Association, Entrepreneur, LEADx, Fit Small Business, and other outlets.

And I still work on my leadership.

You see, strong leadership is a work in progress.

I’m an off-the-charts DISC “D.”

If you don’t know what that means yet, don’t worry, you will by the end of your team’s training.

In my early career, I was frequently blunt and sometimes even rude. But I was fortunate to work with people who cared about me enough to give me honest feedback.

I particularly remember a brutally honest reaction from a co-worker like it was yesterday.

I don’t remember what I said to trigger him or how I said it, but I vividly recall the horror on his face and his shocking response to my affront: “Shoot from the hip, why don’t you! Next time, try using a little tact!”

I was stunned, momentarily speechless, and in disbelief. And I’m never speechless.

I didn’t know what he meant. So, I asked him to explain, and he did.Thanks to his honest feedback and the support of others, I had an amazing 20-year leadership career in health and human services. I had the honor of directly managing workforces from about 80 to 300 employees and supporting performance for up to 1,400 in my senior leadership roles.

And most people enjoyed working with me and giving their best.

Yes, I said, “Most.”

The truth is, not everyone will enjoy working with you no matter how much you adapt your leadership communication. And that’s okay. Not everyone will like you. But that’s not your goal anyways.

Your goal is to be the best leader you can be, create a great workplace, promote accountability, and achieve measurable results. These are the things I intentionally worked on to elevate my leadership.

Because of my ongoing journey, I’m a firm believer in the power of positive feedback and supportive accountability to transform lives. But I also know it’s hard sometimes.

That’s why I’m excited to provide my online and in-person DISC Leadership Training. It gives your team members everything they need to adapt their approach and communicate more effectively in the workplace.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Warmest regards,

Sylvia Melena

I also facilitate DISC Training for Leaders and Teams in English and Spanish.