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Responsabilidad solidaria Named Finalist in the 2023 International Latino Book Awards

San Diego, CA, August 30, 2023 – Melena Consulting Group is pleased to announce that Sylvia Melena’s first Spanish book, Responsabilidad solidaria, was named as a finalist in the 2023 International Latino Book Awards (IBLA).

Responsablidad solidaria placed in two categories: Best Nonfiction Book Translation – English to Spanish and Best Self Transformation Book – Spanish. 

The ILBA, sponsored by Empowering Latino Futures, is the largest Latino cultural awards program in the U.S. It draws contestants from small, medium, and large publishing houses around the globe.

Responsabilidad solidaria is the Spanish translation of Supportive Accountability written by Sylvia Melena and published by Melena Consulting Group (MCG).

Award winners will be announced at the 25th Annual International Latino Book Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 21, 2023 at Los Angeles City College.

In response to the ILBA’s announcement, Sylvia Melena said, “It’s humbling to see my book as a finalist next to those from publishers around the world with extensive experience producing Spanish language titles. I’m talking about HarperCollins Español, Villegas Editores, Cinco Puntos Press, and others.

“Although I speak Spanish fluently, it’s not my native language. That’s why in this first translation I partnered with Luris de Calero, M.D., my good friend and a native of Colombia, and Angelo Gonzalez of Venezuela. I also worked with editor Tama Zarewsky of Argentina.

“My mom and dad, who were both born in Mexico, passed away years ago. But I still wanted to make them proud and deliver excellence in Spanish.”

SYLVIA MELENA is a Principal at The Leadership Strength Group, a leadership and organizational development consulting firm. She is also an international award-winning and best-selling author and publisher. Her leadership philosophy has been featured in the Society of Human Resources Management HR Today, the Human Performance Association, Entrepreneur, LEADx, My Quest for the Best, and other outlets.

Responsabilidad solidaria book

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