HSC Summer Leadership Conference 2016

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.

According to updated Pew Research Center data published on July 28, 2016, while U.S. Hispanics have made significant strides in decreasing the high school dropout rate and in increasing the college enrollment rate in the last decade, we still lag in four-year degree attainment. We have indeed made some noteworthy progress, but we still have work ahead of us. Read More
On July 28th, I had the privilege of making a contribution to the development of tomorrow’s Hispanic leaders and to moving the dial on Hispanic college retention and degree attainment. I had the honor of working with two amazing groups of bright, vibrant and talented Hispanic high school and college students. I designed and facilitated two back-to-back workshops on the “The Power of Building and Marketing Your Leadership Brand” for the Hispanic Scholarship Consortium’s Summer Leadership Conference in Austin, Texas.
It was a truly rewarding experience to be part of an effort where the public, private and non-profit sectors collectively invest in our nation’s future.
“The Power of Building and Marketing Your Leadership Brand”
Leveraging my education and experience in leadership, marketing and workforce development, this workshop gives students a competitive edge in landing a leadership position.
This workshop integrates engaging facilitation, activities, videos and stories. Participants gain a solid understanding of how to build and market their leadership brand. They hone in on key components of their leadership branding and marketing strategy:
• Education and Experience (including internships, community service and other activities),
• Job Application and Resume,
• Dressing for Leadership,
• Networking,
• Mentors and Positive Thinking, and
• The Job Interview.
These components are introduced in marketing terms, which are clearly explained to the students in non-complicated fashion. Powerful marketing visuals and analogies drive the point home.
For more information on how I can design or customize a pre-designed workshop for your event, please contact me at smelena@melenaconsulting.com.
Note: This post was updated in October 2016 to provide more information.

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