Eliminate unproductive workplace conflict and drama. Build your organization’s emotional intelligence.


About Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capability for individuals to:

  • Recognize their own emotions and those of others,
  • Discern between complex feelings and label them appropriately,
  • Use emotional information to promote unbiased thinking and optimal behavior, and
  • Manage emotions to achieve goals and master environmental adaptation.


The EIQ-2 Assessment

The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ-2) Assessments yields:

  • A robust 32-page report,
  • Five sections with infographics for ease of understanding,
  • Variable and detailed user-specific data for each of the four EI Quotient sections, plus 20 subcategories,
  • Qualitative analysis,
  • Recommendations for development in each of the 20 subcategories


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