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Motivators it the perfect companion assessment to pair with DISC. It measures seven universal dimensions of motivation that exist within each of us.

Whereas DISC predicts the “How” someone will behave, Motivators tells you “Why.”

Being able to measure and understand How and Why someone will behave is vital to:

  • Optimizing individual employee performance,
  • Building high-performing teams,
  • Uncovering sources of communication dysfunction, and
  • Developing self-aware leaders.

Seven Universal Dimensions

The Motivators assessment measures seven universal dimensions, rather than the standards six:

  • Theoretical – knowledge, understanding
  • Regulatory – structure, order, routine
  • Individualistic – independence, uniqueness
  • Altruistic – service, helping others
  • Political – control, power, influence
  • Economic – practical results, money, ROI
  • Aesthetic – form, beauty, balance

These seven dimensions provide you a much more detailed analysis. 

The Report

The Motivators assessment generates a straight-forward and easy-to-use 21-page report. This intuitive report promotes sustainability and ongoing support of your future talent development strategies.

The report clearly presents:

  • General Traits – a detailed analysis of the general traits associated with each user’s unique scores,
  • Key Strengths – an analysis of each user’s Key Strengths, applicable to a variety of workplace and interpersonal settings,
  • Motivational and Training Insights – insights necessary to optimize workplace performance while simultaneously maximizing personal fulfillment
  • SelfImprovement Insights – recommendations for personal and professional growth

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