Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance

  About the Book   Through a mix of stories, actionable tips, and tools, Supportive Accountability teaches managers and supervisors how to master the art of supportive leadership, promote accountability, and document skillfully.   Editorial Reviews       “Although the book is about a business-related subject, the mix-and-match style of writing makes this a[…]

Money Doesn’t Buy Employee Motivation

  By Sylvia Melena, M.A.   The research conducted by Krüger and Rootman on seven elements of employee motivation concluded that, while financial rewards indeed motivate employees, they have the lowest influence on employee motivation compared to the six other elements studied. Thus, leaders should not focus on rewards alone to keep employees satisfied, motivated,[…]

workplace fairness and organizational justice

Workplace Justice Influences Employee and Organizational Health

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.   Fostering an environment of workplace justice is essential to promoting employee motivation, health and well-being and for maintaining a thriving organization.   The Seven Elements of Employee Motivation   In their study of over 400 small businesses, Krüger & Rootman focused on the following seven elements of employee motivation:  […]

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Developing Strong Leaders

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.   Strong leaders are the cornerstone of employee engagement and motivation.  Building strong leaders takes a significant investment of time, energy, and commitment, but the rewards are huge and yield tangible results.   The Seven Elements of Employee Motivation   In the last four posts, we reviewed the research conducted by[…]


How Empowerment Sparks Performance

  By Sylvia Melena, M.A.     True empowerment gives employees the freedom and strength to look beyond the status quo and do great things for the organization.  It motivates employees to be innovative and to champion organizational excellence.   Seven Elements of Employee Motivation   The research of Krüger & Rootman focused on the[…]

The Power of Employee Recognition

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.     Employee recognition is a powerful tool for engaging employees, promoting great organizational performance, and achieving customer service excellence. It is a vital element that influences employee motivation.   Seven Elements of Employee Motivation   In the previous post, we reviewed the research conducted by Krüger & Rootman which focused[…]

Seven Elements of Employee Motivation

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.     The ability to create an environment that motivates employees is a vital skill for managers and supervisors.   Motivation is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Each employee is unique and requires an individualized approach.  This uniqueness underscores the need to establish strong supervisor-employee relationships and to get[…]

Creating a High-Performance Work Culture

  By Sylvia Melena, M.A.     The research is clear.  An organization’s work culture impacts performance outcomes.   Decades of research demonstrates that organizations that achieve and sustain performance excellence have the following characteristics ingrained into their work cultures:   Vision  – They have leaders who effectively articulate the organization’s vision and mission. They[…]

Employee Engagement Pays Off

By Sylvia Melena, M.A.     My definition of an engaged employee is “an employee who takes ownership of the success of the organization and demonstrates initiative to positively transform the workplace.” This definition asserts that an engaged employee is fully vested in the success of his or her organization and actively participates in making[…]